Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yesterday was the day the result came out for our first clinical year. Before the day came, we had to wait for 3 days( which in reality is longer than that). The theory papers had finished 2 weeks before The next 2 weeks were for our clinical exams (3 session)

The clinical exams

Which I had done poorly,

GS: “owh, you’re going to fail, man” These words I would never forget, be it an act of psychology or just plainly scolding me. That what made me burst… I went into the quarantine room. I thought to myself “ I shouldn’t be like this” “stop it, stop it”, the lecturer were there,

thank god I was among of the earliest, the emotion dried away, and more importantly I managed to escape the mva cases (o_0). The short case was a big helped I guess for my score(hmm..)

GM: “ok, this patient has a renal problem, what more would you ask?” I started with “owh….ahh……” why did it have to be renal which I didn’t revise at all for this exams (tend to go for target subjects only) even though I would know it (supposedly) I went blank nevertheless tried to answer stutteringly.

a result made from wardrounds started about 2 month ago.

The day: Alhamdulillah, I manage to make it. I passed all 12 subjects. All praise be to Him.

For someone who had failed 5 subject before, I am very grateful.

All that I could think of was what my friend had said to me “ it was all up to our prayers if we were ever to make it”

to my friends, don't be sad, we will always be there to support you and pray for you. i'm ready to help you guys.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


When my eyes couldn’t shut tight

My heart keeps on racing

When I do close my eyes

Flashes of light keeps popping out of nowhere

My eyes is in a REM state

By I’m not sleeping

My heart keeps on racing

What is it that made me hook up

My heart felt as if it would burst

My brain felt small and getting smaller

As if it is being crush

What is this thoughts~

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