Friday, August 21, 2009

1st Ramadhan

Today is the 1st Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. For this year’s Ramadhan, I hope it would be more meaningful and full of blessing. I hope it would be much much more better than before. This morning we all got up for sahur, even though we only ate bread/crackers with vico.

Last year, with my previous housemates, not all did manage to get up. For me it is mandatory. During tamhidi, it was much merrier. Even there were only six people in the house. We were very close. Everyone would get up and eat together in a circle. Najdah would sometimes cook for us the dishes and eaten with the rice. The same thing would go on during iftar too.

the front lawn of my house

However, I miss breaking fast at home more. In contrast to the others, it was made simpler. Here, at the hostel I might have a polystyrene full of rice all to myself. But at home, we would at least have to 2 ‘kuih’ which we had made ourselves and eat together (The ‘kuih’ might be sandwiches, cucur and etc.) It might be a very light ‘cuisine’, but we had really gotten used to it.

In any other words, I would really prefer to break fast at home than any other places.

Since today we had a program in our faculty, and I am very much involved in it~ I had to sacrifice my desire for the time being.
Koromuo, have a nice day, Selamat berpuasa to myself and all, may His blessing and rahmat be bestowed upon us all.

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