Friday, June 18, 2010

eating out

Last Monday, during the evening, walid, umi and the rest came to sent my white coat I left back home.

They just came back from Sg Congkak.

Then we went to dine in an Arabic food restaurant, Rawsha, in jln Ampang.

there will always serve with sour cream..
a very large portion of rice
with a very tender beef served~

very nice though.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A new chapter

Entering year 3 is very thrilling but at the same time very scary. Thinking that i'm going to face a patient very very soon, is a very heart-throbbing situation. What will I do? Am I capable of doing it?

Last week we did a competency test, and I almost entirely did the wrong things in my work and diagnosis. Thankfully we will have loads of other test throughout this month before we had our hands on a real patient. Hopefully it goes well.

Then we had a seminar held at the faculty, and that was a good break for us from our emotional stress and worse thoughts of what to come.

After this 2 week, there would be a lot of work being done throughout this year. No more lying here and there talking and daydreaming. With my budget running out on books, I might as well read them off as much as it worth. No more letting them dusting away on the shelves like I used to during the past years.

Be prepared for anything to come!

New goal for this year: limit my shopping expenses~

during clinical attachment
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