Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sad Music..preferably

During this stressful moments
and sad times

hearing to sad songs is most preferably
especially this one

yes....a repeating lyrics
is still suits me and what my mind is telling me

p/s: never known the singers...heard it as an ost

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mixed Feelings

sakit hati...sedih...hampa...stress

kata2 orang berputus asa
tapi apa kan daya
kita hanya insan biasa

kadang kita diuji seketika
hati sudah mula membara
menyalah kan takdir tanpa sedar

hanya insan yang sabar
iman yang teguh
redha yang tinggi
mampu menyusuri

---kita sentiasa mengharap orang disekeliling dapat merasakan dan memahami apa yang kita rasa
------kita sentiasa mengharap kawan yang dipanggil sahabat itu jua dapat memahami rasa kasih kita padanya
---------kasih yang tidak mengharap apa-apa balasan~~hanya mengharap kefahaman-nya

~~~tetapi seikhlas manakah kasih kita?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Minor Bumps

       The first thought that i would want to say here is how stressful my dental life is. this past few weeks i've been faced with very difficult clinic session following with very unpleasant reviews...

But in the end of the day..I've realize nothing beats the calmness that you would earn after noticing that Allah and Islam itself will still be there for you. Reading some of the post in FB i've stumbled upon a quote saying, Hadis Rasulullah: “ Seandainya aku berjalan bersama saudaraku untuk memenuhi sesuatu hajat,maka hal itu lebih aku cintai daripada iktikaf sebulan di masjid”. It says that melaksanakan kerja2 islam lebih utama daripada melakukan ibadah2 sunat.
 Of all the things that we're worried of, studies and etc, it is still not the biggest problem yet (not that we don't have to be concern about it). Realizing that how big the world is, and how big our responsibility as muslim..made me aware that every difficulty that we face is just a minor bumps we have to endure along this path of Islam.
What really matter is that our work for Islam still very long, need to be consistent, and that is the requirement from Allah to be a true muslim.

Hadis Rasulullah:Org yg paling dicintai Allah swt adalah org yg paling bermanfaat kepada orang lain. Amal yg paling dicintai Allah adalah memasukkan kegembiraan dalam hati org muslim,menghilgkan kesulitannya,melunasi hutangnya atau mengusir rasa laparnya.

Still very please to be a future dentist:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


oh...i am soo stress out right now...
the end of the year is coming by

that means our CDP presentation is coming up

i don't know what will happen
when we did the proposal...all that i could think of is, to finish and be done with the proposal
so we just took a title that is in store for us as long as it does not include questionnaires..

now looking could be hardest part yet to get the 1 type of tooth we're looking for
since we need to look for it
which means we could POSSIBLY get it
which means---> we may or may not get it
or in other words---> there is a steep chance of getting the required teeth needed

i'm so confused right now...
once there were a doctor asking about the significance of it
i couldn't answer
yes...there is a significance...still not very strong

changing the title has always been revolving in my mind
but still i'm still holding on what my friend said in these crucial times
" we just have to make do with what we have.."

Yassir ummura na Ya Allah
Rabbi Yassir wala tu'assir

Saturday, September 1, 2012

End of my free will

Tomorrow will be the last day before i start my new sem. This monday I will be attach to a clinic in KL, doing God knows what, probably just observing... I hope
This three whole week break felt somewhat long in the beginning however relentlessly to be quiet short at the very end.  For sure, I had very much enjoyed staying away from the faculty, not thinking at all about patients. Given my mind a rest. For a while.
    Nevertheless, everything have it's end of the toll. Next up, got to get my phones ready, numbers, patients, research (argh!!!) brace myself for the new sem. The final year.

                                      4th Year.....
A lot of memories made. Clinics. Mistakes. Regrets. Stress
                                         Disagreement. Distress.
             Fun. Eating non stop. Friends. Relieved.

4th year 11/12
 Come to think about it, we had 3 group performances just for this year. Talk about hectic clinics.
We were also given a chance to go to Bangkok. Great trip. Good Food.




Friday, August 31, 2012

Foods to Indulge

  For this sem break for about 3 weeks, i have been cooking and baking a little. some were great..some were so-so. Nonetheless I still enjoy cooking whenever I am hungry. Well, that is the only time I would force myself to cook. Twice had i bake an apple pie for breaking fast, the first try was much better than the later. twice also had i made macaroni curry bakar, still couldn't get the macaroni stick together the way they should have. Then some other common stuff.

My sister came back from egypt. thinking she may have wanted to bake us anything...the ingredients were all ready brought from Egypt. however the baker is not that into the mood yet. She said,"the mood will come.... when somebody would pay a visit for raya", And so she did. she was enthusiast when her friends were to come, baking muffins and pavlova.
Pavlova. Nice one. Dreadful to make.

I wonder what she would cook if that certain somebody came for a visit :P

Moving after Raya, comimg back from kampung, we(me and my sister) went to TS and Lowyat. Since she never been there, i'm in charge of the routes...which I am quite crafty at the time.
We had somewhat an enjoying time which was quite short since we arrived ther in the afternoon. Stuff our tummies full with lunch before starting anything, it is somehow quite tiring really after that to walk. Very tiring.

lunch with bul go gi. Got me fulled in seconds

 We were chasing after time, and it was a troublesome chasing to go back at 4.00, walking towards the LRT station, changing stations...
in the least I got to go somewhere that week.
the rest of the days, just sitting at home -_-
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