Friday, August 31, 2012

Foods to Indulge

  For this sem break for about 3 weeks, i have been cooking and baking a little. some were great..some were so-so. Nonetheless I still enjoy cooking whenever I am hungry. Well, that is the only time I would force myself to cook. Twice had i bake an apple pie for breaking fast, the first try was much better than the later. twice also had i made macaroni curry bakar, still couldn't get the macaroni stick together the way they should have. Then some other common stuff.

My sister came back from egypt. thinking she may have wanted to bake us anything...the ingredients were all ready brought from Egypt. however the baker is not that into the mood yet. She said,"the mood will come.... when somebody would pay a visit for raya", And so she did. she was enthusiast when her friends were to come, baking muffins and pavlova.
Pavlova. Nice one. Dreadful to make.

I wonder what she would cook if that certain somebody came for a visit :P

Moving after Raya, comimg back from kampung, we(me and my sister) went to TS and Lowyat. Since she never been there, i'm in charge of the routes...which I am quite crafty at the time.
We had somewhat an enjoying time which was quite short since we arrived ther in the afternoon. Stuff our tummies full with lunch before starting anything, it is somehow quite tiring really after that to walk. Very tiring.

lunch with bul go gi. Got me fulled in seconds

 We were chasing after time, and it was a troublesome chasing to go back at 4.00, walking towards the LRT station, changing stations...
in the least I got to go somewhere that week.
the rest of the days, just sitting at home -_-
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