Tuesday, November 13, 2012


oh...i am soo stress out right now...
the end of the year is coming by

that means our CDP presentation is coming up

i don't know what will happen
when we did the proposal...all that i could think of is, to finish and be done with the proposal
so we just took a title that is in store for us as long as it does not include questionnaires..

now looking back...it could be hardest part yet to get the 1 type of tooth we're looking for
since we need to look for it
which means we could POSSIBLY get it
which means---> we may or may not get it
or in other words---> there is a steep chance of getting the required teeth needed

i'm so confused right now...
once there were a doctor asking about the significance of it
i couldn't answer
yes...there is a significance...still not very strong

changing the title has always been revolving in my mind
but still i'm still holding on what my friend said in these crucial times
" we just have to make do with what we have.."

Yassir ummura na Ya Allah
Rabbi Yassir wala tu'assir

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