Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday!

Last tuesday was my little brother's birthday. He was anticipating it for about a month before it come into term.
so we went to buy his favourite chocolate cake and a pencil box present for him that afternoon. A kid enthusiasm is indescribable when it comes to their birthdays. No candle of course.
the next day, he came back from school with a present in his hand. somebody had given him a present. what's really astonishing that it came from a 15 year old boy at the school. Words had it that he really adores Fauzul. how nice is that! wish i had a secret admirer...

still, i don't blame that boy, i myself still adore him (even though he annoys me now and then).
i don't know when will this stop. i remember that whenever i had a new brother or sister, i always adore them until the next one came. but what will you do with the last one?


Mummy Najdah said...

sweet je fauzul..besar dah budaknye kan nisah..:)

nysah said...

tp still manja

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