Friday, December 2, 2011


This past few past,
i tried to suppress any stress and worries,
not thinking too much, let everything flow as it is.

the days felt faster,
the nights felt shorter..
waking up with sore eyes..
it feels so cozy being on bed,
nevertheless, the bed should be my sworn enemy, hmm...

for now, the clinic runs swiftly.
Not thinking too much about patient..
like my Dr always says "tak payah fikir sangat pasal patient,
we had done our part, x yah pening2 dah"
another Dr would say "sape suruh dia x jaga gigi dia elok2"
ok, maybe not a very good quote -_-
but at least to give my heart at ease for the time
until the next session will start.

right now, feeding my addiction to b2st ^_^

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