Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It's all started with an eye sty or better known as 'ketumbit'.
I got it on tuesday morning on my right good eye and it started to be very irritating.
Still, i had to stand it since we got optech class in the evening.
The next day it started to wear off, a good thing since we had optech class the whole day long..(~.~)
Then, at night i felt very tired but didn't went to bed immediately like i did previously,
but watched a movie with my friends.
Unfortunately my eyes couldn't take it any longer and my friend said it was already became red.
So i give up trying and went to bed since my head is driving me crazy.
On the bed, i couldn't seem to close my eyes and fall asleep, and my head's spinning.
i got up off bed and went to the toilet a few times.
it was very cold that night. i was forced to wear my overly thick sweater.

I finally got asleep at 2 am.

The next day is when my fever strike. I wake up very late and I feel very exhausted.

I still went for Optech class that day half-heartedly.

I didn’t have the strength to call out the doctor to check my work and tail him around the lab.

So, I just sat and waited at my place.

Fortunately the new doctor was very fast checking all of our work, especially mine since I always got wrong. Thankfully, we only had morning session on that day.

On Friday night, I was shivering like crazy. I turned off the fan, slightly closed the window and covered myself with a blanket and went asleep at 9.45pm.

That night, I couldn’t sleep well, I keep waking up every 2 hours and changing my position.

I thought to myself that I wouldn’t want to go for tomorrow’s optech.

However, I did.

I took things very slowly and carefully and rarely call out for the doctor.

That evening I had to go home by train. Luckily there was Zara to come along. She was taking the same route.

After I had arrived home, I just collapsed.

I had a severe headache, very high temperature, and several sleepless nights. I had a fever for almost a week then.

When your sick, you couldn't remember how does it feel to be healthy.

Many thoughts came running through your head, am i going to be hospitalized again? been diagnosed for something? is this it?

I’m just grateful that I'm healthy again, I think.

Moral of the story,

If you are tired, take a rest and a nap..

and eat your meds accordingly~

Sunday, October 25, 2009


final sem 1 had just finished

all those laughter we had just few days ago

just seems to subside each second

new fear of tomorrow would then haunt me

every each moment.

With Faith and Bravery

will i survive this plague of my thoughts.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Since I’m searching for many of my assignment, might as well fill in more entry.

Yesterday, KKP had held a program in commemoration to the national day and 1st Ramadhan.
A good effort by the committee to held such an event which had gathered all the students of Pandan together. At least we could get to know the new faces and not to mention the old ones 
the short video show during the opening of the program was interesting (ours were very nice and simple, even thought my face didn’t come out( -_-)

Our unit got to be in the ‘quiz kemerdekaan’ and I went in with no knowledge of anything since what I only did in the question entry form was to fill in the slogan. As expected, we lost. But at least 1 unit from the dental did manage to win 2nd place miraculously. 

don't have a clue

We had also lost in the nasyeed competition(too nervous, i guess). Despite all of that, we had practiced hard and enjoyed the whole process on putting it all together. A nice day which ends happily!

along with our community service t-shirt -_-

Friday, August 21, 2009

1st Ramadhan

Today is the 1st Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. For this year’s Ramadhan, I hope it would be more meaningful and full of blessing. I hope it would be much much more better than before. This morning we all got up for sahur, even though we only ate bread/crackers with vico.

Last year, with my previous housemates, not all did manage to get up. For me it is mandatory. During tamhidi, it was much merrier. Even there were only six people in the house. We were very close. Everyone would get up and eat together in a circle. Najdah would sometimes cook for us the dishes and eaten with the rice. The same thing would go on during iftar too.

the front lawn of my house

However, I miss breaking fast at home more. In contrast to the others, it was made simpler. Here, at the hostel I might have a polystyrene full of rice all to myself. But at home, we would at least have to 2 ‘kuih’ which we had made ourselves and eat together (The ‘kuih’ might be sandwiches, cucur and etc.) It might be a very light ‘cuisine’, but we had really gotten used to it.

In any other words, I would really prefer to break fast at home than any other places.

Since today we had a program in our faculty, and I am very much involved in it~ I had to sacrifice my desire for the time being.
Koromuo, have a nice day, Selamat berpuasa to myself and all, may His blessing and rahmat be bestowed upon us all.

Friday, August 7, 2009

New history

The mid sem break is almost over now. Almost a week staying at home, it was quite a relieve to be away from all the hectic work in campus.

Now, in 2 days time I we’ll be going back to campus. Don’t know want will awaits me there..

For almost 2 months being a 2nd year students, A lot had happen. With new subjects to be learned along with dozens of programs in the weekends, it had been a handful.

1st we move in to a new home in the 16th floor. Only dental students stay in that floor. We got even more closer than we had ever been. The B16-03 was the loudest , often we heard their voice from our house and there always seems to be a function going on there. The most frequent unit to be visited among the 3 units. Whereas for me, I’m happy to be in my home~

Then, the juniors came along. They were enthusiastic, well, at least the boys were. We had held the orientation week for them and hope they like it.

Moving on, there was the family day. Located at sg Lepoh. Yes, a river, a river which I am dreaded to go near to. Luckily there was no activities done in the river and the weather was quite fine that day which is not wet. The activities were interesting and at least we got to know the juniors even better, even thought I had repeatedly call out their names incorrectly (-_-)

2 weeks afterwards we had our mid exams. I think the worse would be Optech’s paper. The questions were so simple that we didn’t even bother to read about it in the lecture notes, or to be more precisely, I had lose the notes and didn’t even remember if it really had existed. Maybe we had mistaken it for microb’s notes…huh (-_-)

Well, I guess we all just have to brace ourselves for the outcomes of our mid results..

Korom…that’s all from me, till next time.

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