Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It's all started with an eye sty or better known as 'ketumbit'.
I got it on tuesday morning on my right good eye and it started to be very irritating.
Still, i had to stand it since we got optech class in the evening.
The next day it started to wear off, a good thing since we had optech class the whole day long..(~.~)
Then, at night i felt very tired but didn't went to bed immediately like i did previously,
but watched a movie with my friends.
Unfortunately my eyes couldn't take it any longer and my friend said it was already became red.
So i give up trying and went to bed since my head is driving me crazy.
On the bed, i couldn't seem to close my eyes and fall asleep, and my head's spinning.
i got up off bed and went to the toilet a few times.
it was very cold that night. i was forced to wear my overly thick sweater.

I finally got asleep at 2 am.

The next day is when my fever strike. I wake up very late and I feel very exhausted.

I still went for Optech class that day half-heartedly.

I didn’t have the strength to call out the doctor to check my work and tail him around the lab.

So, I just sat and waited at my place.

Fortunately the new doctor was very fast checking all of our work, especially mine since I always got wrong. Thankfully, we only had morning session on that day.

On Friday night, I was shivering like crazy. I turned off the fan, slightly closed the window and covered myself with a blanket and went asleep at 9.45pm.

That night, I couldn’t sleep well, I keep waking up every 2 hours and changing my position.

I thought to myself that I wouldn’t want to go for tomorrow’s optech.

However, I did.

I took things very slowly and carefully and rarely call out for the doctor.

That evening I had to go home by train. Luckily there was Zara to come along. She was taking the same route.

After I had arrived home, I just collapsed.

I had a severe headache, very high temperature, and several sleepless nights. I had a fever for almost a week then.

When your sick, you couldn't remember how does it feel to be healthy.

Many thoughts came running through your head, am i going to be hospitalized again? been diagnosed for something? is this it?

I’m just grateful that I'm healthy again, I think.

Moral of the story,

If you are tired, take a rest and a nap..

and eat your meds accordingly~

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