Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coming Back

Coming back to campus. Officially i'm announced as 4th year dental student. still alot more to learn, alot more requirement to fulfill. Within a few clinic I had these few days, haven’t been what I had expected(seriously when had it been?)

being in a new cubicle, a new dental chair, and partners, makes it all different. Feeling quiet depressed at the moment since my patient could not spend the whole time at the clinic as it was supposed to be. Nonetheless, I knw He had other better plans for me….

Looking back, none of my patient never seems to fill my criteria, but I guess it is as what I can bare of. Bracing myself of what to come. Got to be more resilient..tebal muka panggil patient datang in whatever the circumstances is.

How time flies

3rd year was the hardest year I had ever encounter(for now). The most damp year with tears and despair. Yet it is the fastest year. I could still remember the day I injected my friend with LA, having difficulty making her impression and gently scaling her teeth. How every simple thing seems to be a very nerve-racking situation for me.

Now I’m in my 4th year which I’m expected to know everything, still only get a hang of class I and scaling. Trying to be as gentle as possible to my patient(hehe)
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