Saturday, August 21, 2010


Tika ini saat paling runsing

Rintangan dan dugaan datang

Bergilir-gilir tidak pernah lekang

mengharap jauh sinar mendatang

Tika ini saat paling runsing

Bila mana ketenangan hilang

Resah gelisah terus tertanam

Rumit sudah kesudahan

Tika ini saat paling runsing

Fikiranku kuat bertekad

Masa akan mengubah

Hanya sabar mendidik perasaan

Sunday, August 8, 2010

pulau Kapas Class Educational Trip =)

i know this is quite late
but i really didn't have the mood to post it until now.

all i want to say is that is was really exciting, fun, mesmerizing, most importantly i would never forget this experience with you guys my friend. the first ever class trip held by ourselves to an island which most of us didn't really got a chance to go before.

*Clapping to ourselves!

Family Trip

Finally i got a chance to go on a trip with my family,

Which i had miss a lot recently throughout this 3 years being a student in USIM. My family would always went to vacations that would always be very fascinating and i would not got a chance to went with them, either i’ve got classes or exams.

Eventhough it was only for 1 day, it was worth it. We went to Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park, Sungkai, Perak. Felda made recreation park. Entry ticket is RM10 per person. There were a lot of people, nevertheless i would not miss a chance to went in the pool. There were a lot of pools of various temperature; 30˚C, 45˚C, 50˚C. There is a therepeutic area, egg boiling area, family spa.

Wasn’t really interesting, but at least i could spend my time with my family.

Fauzul wasn's really into photo taking=)

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