Saturday, September 1, 2012

End of my free will

Tomorrow will be the last day before i start my new sem. This monday I will be attach to a clinic in KL, doing God knows what, probably just observing... I hope
This three whole week break felt somewhat long in the beginning however relentlessly to be quiet short at the very end.  For sure, I had very much enjoyed staying away from the faculty, not thinking at all about patients. Given my mind a rest. For a while.
    Nevertheless, everything have it's end of the toll. Next up, got to get my phones ready, numbers, patients, research (argh!!!) brace myself for the new sem. The final year.

                                      4th Year.....
A lot of memories made. Clinics. Mistakes. Regrets. Stress
                                         Disagreement. Distress.
             Fun. Eating non stop. Friends. Relieved.

4th year 11/12
 Come to think about it, we had 3 group performances just for this year. Talk about hectic clinics.
We were also given a chance to go to Bangkok. Great trip. Good Food.



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