Thursday, May 22, 2008

how time had really passes by very2 fast..
it felt like i didn't spend enought time with you guys,
my housemates..i remember the very first time we met..
i was alone in the house when you guys showed up
bihah is the first one that talk to me,
asking who i am, where i am from, from what school I came from,
there were only 4 people in the house at first.
My first impression about bihah, she seems to be a very strict person and someone that you wouldn't want to cross with, someone that i thought kind a like my sister, husnun..
But she wasn’t like that, she is a very nice person, the one that would always advise me in every mistakes that I have done, I like being with her..
then, there was najdah, i was really shock when she told me she is already married and was pregnant for 5 month already. She told me all the story about her marriage and how it came to happen, i was very fascinated. Then there was Ain. She is quite small compare to any of them, and very quiet at first, we barely talk to each other but after knowing her, she is really fun to talk to exactly. There is 3 rooms in the house. My roommate is from Kedah. Her name is Syifa’. A very outgoing person and she really speaks whats in her mind without thinking twice. She is a very friendly person and like being her roomate. Lastly, there came Qiha. She shares her room with Najdah. A very quiet person too at first but then as we go on, I discovered, she is kind of childish in her own kind of way.

We had really been through everything together specially during sem 1,
And then During sem 2, I learn a lot of things from them. Apart from what Najdah always told us about her life as a wife, I learn that in life we cannot depend on others, do not wait for anyone or else we will be the one that is left behind. Must manage my time properly, manage my money wisely, and learn how to prepare myself with the world ( am I exaggerating too much?)
But it’s true…and the must importantly from what I had learn from them is never let our guards down and stay with our principle….
They may never even notice this that they have teach me this, however this IS the things I had truly learn…Thank you my FRIENDS~
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