Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fear and anxious

I don’t know why? But this feeling keeps on coming.

Ever since holiday started, I always feel unease,

I know things will turn up this way,

Always in fear,

Knowing that it will burst and explode,

I couldn’t stand it any longer,

Tears would break out in my mind,

Somehow I manage to suppress it.

Feeling sorry for myself and others,

Why does the thought of resentment always,

Come knocking into my head.

Sadness comes whispering into my ears,

Never in my life I count the days when,

The most waited week to end so fast,

I’ve plan everything I wanted to do

When I’m alone…

Yes I’m selfish, very.

Thinking of only me,

But I’ve never fail to think,

Of their happiness,

And always be anxious.

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