Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sick 2

My second wave of viral fever came back after 2 years. the symptoms and duration were just the same except that this one does not start with a 'ketumbit'. overall, it may be initiated by having too much stress, too much worries...wallahualam

this time around, i vomit a lot everytime i ate my medicine. then, i just couldn't stand to drink plain water or eat  anything. it all give me the thought of puking.
for the past 4 days, i could only eat a spoonful for every meal.
for the past 4 nights, i couldn't sleep properly, waking every hour, the dreams were very disturbing.
i slept with my mother for two nightsthinking it would be easier to go to sleep, it worsen. my head were burning all night making it harder to sleep.
after a couple of time went to the clinic, check my blood, taking many many pills....which i couldn't take any more...
my fever finally relieved when i finally can sleep soundly on my bed, on my own.

alhamdulillah, for He has grant me this gift again.

right now my condition, quite dizzy

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