Monday, November 4, 2013

Touched My Heart

On this glorious morning....
on the new beginning of the year
1st Muharram
let us reflect back what we have done up until now...
have we done anything as a muslim
what have we done so far gain Allah's Love

His Love
despite our negligence and repulsion
His love and compassion never stops to flow towards us
to His frail ungrateful servants
His grace and sustenance has 
until now
 overflow onto us

are we not mindful of that?
are we not aware of his blessings?
all that is exist around us is a blessing from Him
our home to sleep
our family
our friends
...and the plans that is in store for us to come
IS a blessing for us

And true
the greatest blessing that had bestowed upon us
the blessing that have been forgotten
which has been with us since long

is being a MU'MIN
لا اله الا الله

verily He is the most gracious

Touched the hearts for those who listens

"Ya Rahman, have compassion on our weakness
O Ghafar, forgive our sins
O Sattaru, conceal our faults"

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